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nessus file analyzer by LimberDuck (pronounced ˈlɪm.bɚ dʌk) is a GUI tool which enables you to parse multiple nessus files containing the results of scans performed by using Nessus by (C) Tenable, Inc. and exports parsed data to a Microsoft Excel Workbook for effortless analysis.

Operational memory usage will be kept low while parsing even the largest of files. You can run it on your favourite operating system, whether it is Windows, macOS or GNU Linux. As a parsing result, you will receive spreadsheets with a summary view of the whole scan and/or all reported hosts. You will also be able to generate spreadsheets with a detailed view of all reported vulnerabilities and/or noncompliance. It’s free and open source tool, which has been created to automate our work, decrease our workload and focus on data analysis.

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Damian Krawczyk created nessus file analyzer by LimberDuck.